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Hi, I’m Geeta Sidhu-Robb 

As the founder for GSR Coaching, CEO & Founder of Nosh Detox I have had the privilege over the last 14 years, to help nearly 19,000 women step into the bodies they want, whilst gaining epic amounts of mental and physical confidence.


I am a Success Coach and I focus on helping perimenopausal women shed their ‘stress fat’ and reconnect with their bodies.

My approach is unique as I merge the physical, mental and emotional strands of your life to isolate and uncover where you are most holding yourself back.

Then we work on just that.

......Which has the almost guaranteed result of helping them reach new heights in their careers and personal lives.

“A truly enlightening first session with Geeta.  The audit session had a completely different approach which literally took me by surprise - but in such a positive way.  Geeta just 'gets it' - she understands the hurdles women face in both their personal and professional lives."

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