Have ALL diets stopped working for you?

Do you feel helpless and guilty at the same time? Like you SHOULD know what to do - but nothing works even though you have tried it all!

You are suffering from STRESSFAT. 


Yes! This is ME!

You’ve tried everything. But it feels like you’re on a hamster wheel of never feeling like you.

When only 4% of the massive $83 billion (2019) R and D spend on healthcare is on women, it’s hard to get the help you need. Especially during these perimenopause changes.

So you try:

  • Running a major calorie deficit, only to realize you’re gaining weight. What kind of vicious sorcery is this???
  • Telling your doctor about what’s going on only to be dismissed with ‘well, your hormones are normal, have you tried *insert unhelpful remedy*?’
  • Normalizing things like moodiness, irritability, painful sex, and brain fog because it’s just a fact of aging
  • Befriending the alien that overtook your body because what the actual F*CK is going on
Been there, and I'm ready to change!

No matter what you try. It won’t work. What’s on your body isn’t normal fat that comes from a little too much pasta on vacation. It’s stress fat. 

(And men, doctors, and personal trainers have a condition where they can’t understand it ;)) 

Stress fat happens when cortisol levels increase. You can’t diet it away or work out harder to *poof* it off of your body. And if you think a goddamn calorie deficit is your answer – man, oh man, I have news for you. 

Women’s bodies are more sensitive to stress. So after a period of acute stress, leptin (the ‘stop eating, we’re good’ hormone) wants to hold onto your fat. And by starving yourself, you’re going to get FATTER.

Want more info? And a fun dose of male gaslighting in the comments? Watch my viral TikTok video that breaks down stress fat. 


How do you lose stress fat?

The same way it attached to your body. By lowering cortisol. Reducing stress. 

Losing it is an inside job. One that starts in your mind and branches out into your entire body, then affects every single aspect of your life.

I'm ready to lose all the stress fat


The program for perimenopausal women to get to the root cause of this stress fat, lose it for good, step into a powerful version of themselves, and say f*ck off to everyone who told them they’re noT diEtiNg HArd EnoUgh. 

Because when we REWIRE, you’ll be: 

  • R - Rooting out your belief system (and if you’re a woman living on this planet, then you definitely believe some things that are extra sh*tty about your body)
  • E - Eating better. F*ck starvation, your body needs nourishment.
  • W - Winning at self-love and intimate relationships. Plus, did someone say great sex is back on the table?
  • I - Meeting your inner bully and telling her to f*ck off. Through deep, insightful work, of course.
  • R - Resetting your systems, so they feel like they’re finally working for you again. No more normalizing what’s going on in your perimenopause body, k? You’re meant to thrive. 
  • E - Expanding and taking up space. You will no longer play small in this life. 

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Don’t believe me?
Believe the proof. 

"I saw improvements in my health within two weeks of following her advice!"

- Lyndsey H.

"The coaching session with Geeta really helped me to see what was stopping me from moving forward."

- Karen S

"It's only been two sessions, and my world feels massively changed.  I can't wait to see what else Geeta's coaching will unlock in my life"

- Allison C

This might hurt. But we have to talk about the vicious cycle that happens when a woman is about to lose her cycle. 

1) Women get sh*t messages about their bodies every day. And they’re internalized. But when you’re 25 and everyone’s definition of beauty, they usually get filed away. 

2) Even when we’re young, we’re NOT immune. So as women, we fall into patterns of people pleasing, giving away our power, and being scared to use our voice to insert our opinions. 

3) All of those messages go into a dangerous place. Deep into our brains. So as we age, we start hating our bodies. We feel out of shape, useless, invisible

4) Then, when we challenge these thoughts, it doesn’t feel good. It feels f*cking painful and weird. Like how dare you stand up against patriarchal standards and LOVE yourself? 

But when you feel uncomfortable, that’s step 1 to healing.


REWIRE breaks the cycle so that you can lose the stress fat 

And it isn’t just a ‘less squish on the tummy’ change. By starting at the root cause, your mind, you can experience changes that transcend every aspect of your life. 

Your Physical Shifts 

  • You’re able to lose the weight 
  • You’re able to label things like brain fog, painful sex, and irritability as NOT normal, and start to free yourself from them 
  • You’re able to eat to feel good and stop dieting the hell out of your life

Your Mental Shifts

  • You’re able to step into your personal power and stand up for who you are and what you believe in
  • You’re able to see your worthiness and fully show up in your career or business. And that almost always means more money in your pocket.
  • You’re able to have fulfilling relationships that let you also stay true to yourself
  • You’re able to feel lighter, evolve your mindset, and chip away at toxic beliefs you’ve held for years

Your Global Shifts

  • Women everywhere can form a community around their minds, bodies, growth, and changes
  • Women can live a rewarding life comfortable in their bodies, thoughts, and opinions
  • Women are finally seen, heard, helped, and loved for who they are at all life stages

It all starts with you saying ‘yes’ to change 

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By joining REWIRE, you will receive:

  • Lifetime access to the entire program
  • 2 coaching calls per month2 Q&A calls per month
  • An eternal community of women who want to see you soar


MODULE 1: Understanding Your Inner Beliefs and Emotional Barriers

Losing stress fat is an inside job. To tackle the ‘stress,’ we’re going to start in the mind and chip away at heavy conscious and subconscious beliefs you’ve been holding for years.


MODULE 2: S.T.R.E.S Rewire Eating Plan

Food should feel good. By learning how to nourish your body instead of punishing it, you can change your relationship with food and your relationship with yourself.

MODULE 3: Winning at Relationships

Your people are at the center of your life. Learn how to find fulfillment in your relationships without compromising on who you are.

MODULE 4: Meet, Greet, and Defeat Your Inner Bully

Those mean girl thoughts that race each day, we’re going to end them. By facing your inner bully, you can take back your power from years of negative thinking.

MODULE 5: Reset Your Healthy Habits

Habits and rituals should feel good to do. By pressing reset on what you do on autopilot, you can feel better each morning and carry those good feelings with you each day.

MODULE 5: Becoming a Conscious Creator

The best shift from REWIRE is the power you hold after the program. When you believe in yourself and lean into your gifts, you can use your impact to help far more people.

MODULE 6: Becoming Undismissable 

You will not be silenced. Told to sit down. Be smaller. As you expand to take up space, you will be a force to be reckoned with in your career, relationships, goals, and mission.

Take it from these incredible women

"The REWIRE program sounded like exactly what I needed. Having started in 2 months ago, I already have actionable steps to take action in my life. I am beginning to understand where I am, why I feel lost and I need to do in transition into my power as a woman - a powerful , confident woman, thriving in life!!”

-Natalie M.

"I was at a point in my life where I felt overworked, exhausted and unappreciated.  No one has ever taught me how to be a woman (I know that sounds weird), but no one had.  I found my roles expanding from career woman, to wife and mother and I was losing myself in all of it. I needed to change something before I had a breakdown"

- Rewire Member

"I have come so far in just a few sessions, and really appreciate Geeta's no-nonsense style and how she gets straight to the heart of the matter right away.  Sometimes this has been painful, but it has been a good pain, the kind that shakes you and bring you into a new stage of life, into which you really want to be."

- Dana A.

Featured in major print, radio, and national TV shows across the UK, Geeta Sidhu-Robb is the only health coach working to help women who have tried literally everything to lose weight. 

In the last 11 years, she has helped over 15,000 women step into the bodies they want, while gaining epic amounts of body confidence. As a mother, author, speaker, and CEO + founder of NOSH detox – she loves helping women take back their power to create the impact they’re born to have. 

Specializing in Gut Health and Hormone Health, she focuses on helping perimenopausal women shed the ‘stress fat’ and become creators– reaching new heights in their careers and personal lives.

I want you to look inside your mind and feel weird. Empty space where hateful thoughts used to live. Freedom where caged beliefs were held. 

Because when this happens, you can fill this space with your personal power. And that’s when everything starts changing.

You deserve to live in a body that you love 

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By joining REWIRE, you will receive:

  • Lifetime access to the entire program
  • 2 coaching calls per month2 Q&A calls per month
  • An eternal community of women who want to see you soar