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Are you are fed up of your diets NOT WORKING anymore?

Then I have created a complete solution where you can balance your hormones, kickstart your metabolism and get your stomach working again. 

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Heal Your Gut in Just 6 Weeks

Trauma & Perimenopause are the single biggest metabolic upheavals any woman will EVER go through

  • Repair your gut function
  • Boost your metabolism & fat burning
  • Step-by-step tutorials, recipes, shopping lists
  • Full 4-phase plan to simplify what to eat, how to eat it & when to eat it. 

Worth $597

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 The Vegan Keto Course

Adding Plant Fibre is the Fastest way to Balance your Insulin, which Burns Fat & creates Weight Loss

  • Very Low Carb diet 
  • Adding fat to your diet takes away hunger
  • Estrogen is created using your body's fat stores (so more fat creates fat loss!)
  • In a state of ketosis your body has to burn fat for energy.

Worth $357

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Women! Understand & Rebalance Your Hormones

It's time to Take Back Control!

Understand how your hormones affect you Mentally, Physically & Emotionally

  • How to Sleep Better
  • What hormone makes you fat?
  • What hormone manages your hunger?
  • What the heck is stress? And what should I do about it?

Worth $997

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 'I am really happy with the vegan keto programme which I finished about 10 days ago. Overall, I lost half a stone (7lbs) over the week, and have dropped a couple more pounds since then, which is a fantastic result and I'm utterly delighted to be back in my confident zone weight wise just as summer is arriving."  Harriet Waley-Cohen

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What customers are saying...

““As a 61 year old woman I have struggled with traditional calorie controlled diets which don’t seem to work for me any more.
However by week 3 I had already lost 3kg and best of all I had not felt hungry for a moment”.
  Alison Derrick

“My husband has always had gut issues, for years and so we did this programme to try to help him. It was amazing. This Gut Healing course is the first time he has felt good, and had a stomach that worked normally and it was in just 6 weeks!”

Melanie Charles

"I loved the vegan keto and found it super effective! Lost about 2kg which is pretty insane after a few days.

Susanna Kenyon-Muir